Offshore Development Center

Extending Teams, Enhancing Performance

In today’s dynamic and competitive environment CIOs are faced with the constant challenge of doing more with less. Application assets need to be modified on a continuous basis, new assets need to be created and existing assets need to be made available to all stakeholders on a 24×7 basis. The demand on skills, methods and tools to achieve these is a challenge. The demand is thus for consistent deliveries meeting agreed quality goals within defined time-lines ensuring sustainability with Just-in-time resource ramp-ups. Scopedev’s offshore software development centers address all these KPAs to provide its customers an extension, identical to their own IT facilities. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and institutionalized ODC processes Scopedev helps you achieve all of these objectives and allow you to do much more with less.

Our offshore software development center at Chennai helps to provide cost-effective, reliable and predictable deliveries with a rapid turnaround by acting as an extension of your own IT facilities we help you in achieving consistent deliveries and meeting agreed quality goals within defined timelines ensuring sustainability.

Our services include complete end-to-end, application and product life-cycle activities with the flexibility to tailor processes to adapt to your operational comfort. We have the expertise to deliver in whichever method our customer is comfortable in – Agile / Incremental/ Spiral/ Waterfall.

We provide on-demand resource augmentation or ramp down depending upon immediate requirements. This helps to achieve yourdevelopment objective of meeting skill demands on a needs basis, while keeping costs low. We also deploy robust knowledge retention tools that help to capture vital organizational and project knowledge effectively. This ensures faster and more effective knowledge transfer processes thus reducing the learning curve for new resources during ramp up. Also domain specific process knowledge is effectively captured and retained across resource transitions and ramp-down.

The Services we provide within engagements of our Offshore software development center are :

  • Advise on Application and System augmentation
  • Application Development
  • Application maintenance
  • Mobility enablement
  • Re-engineering and Migration to sustainable technologies
  • Database and System maintenance
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • User Support

Our strong customer orientation helps us understand and value the varied needs of our customers. We have thus designed flexible engagement models to provide customers with the necessary comfort. Moreover, we provide strong project management and operational processes, (assessed at CMMI Level-3) , providing our customers with the assurance of quality services.

We provide technical diversity through our large pool of skilled man-power enabling us to display strong capabilities in legacy/web/mobile technologies and intuitive UI design. We also possess strong functional capabilities in varied domains that help us provide support to a wide array of applications, encompassing an Organisation’s functions.

Some of the advantages that make Scopedev’s Offshore development center crucial for your business include:

  • Established security processes ensuring data and information security
  • Optimum delivery cycles ensuring quicker time-to-market
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure enhancing work-force and customer-interface efficiencies
  • Accurate , reliable and predictable deliveries
  • Tool based operations management enhancing productivity, measurements and efficiencies
  • Significant cost reduction for your business

Some of our existing Offshore development center customers include:

  • A large US based product development Company catering to Systems management products
  • A Media and entertainment facility catering to internet based online streaming music and video

Avail these benefits through our assured services to meet all your challenges and give your business the growth it deserves.

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